Frequently Asked Questions


Does the package price include ads?

Yes. The package price includes your ad spend and use of the platform. This includes set-up, ad creation and publishing, ad optimisation and ad credits that can go toward your ad spend.

Can I buy a different package for different campaigns?

Yes. On the first step of your campaign setup, you will select the best package for that campaign. Whenever you set up a new campaign, you are free to select a different package.

Can I run multiple campaigns at once?

Yes. You will set up each campaign individually and select the appropriate package for each. When you log into your dashboard, you will see a list of all your campaigns. You can click on any one to review the campaign’s details and track your ad performance.

How can I cancel my campaign?

Once your campaign has been submitted you can cancel it anytime from the Campaigns page. Simply click on the green options arrow to the right of the campaign if you are using the desktop version and the cancel option will be available. If you are on mobile, click on the campaign to see the details and there is a cancel button near the top of the page. Partially completed cancelled campaigns won’t be refunded.

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